Krystal Nielson’s Off the Shoulder Bikini

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Episode 1 Fashion

Definitely making the biggest waves, Krystal Nielson’s off the shoulder bikini was the most subtle thing about her entrance. All the girls seemed to get anxiety as she walked in, like their guards were up and their men were snatched. She was definitely giving sex eyes to Joe the grocer (my personal fave) just as Kendall was complaining that it would not be good if they went after the same guy. Although in all fairness, Kendall definitely blew her first conversation with Joe.

Krystal and Kendall were the names of a set of twins that I had in my sorority. They were blonde and sort of cut from the same cloth as these two. And yes, I was in a sorority very briefly before very clearly deciding that it was definitely not for me.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Krystal Nielson's Off the Shoulder Bikini

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