Kyle Richards’ Chanel Dog Bowl & Coffee Mug

December 21, 2014-

By Lauren

Beverly Hills—the place where the dogs have nicer bowls than I do….

Kyle Richards’ Chanel Dog Bowl & Coffee Mug

Chanel Dog Bowl

Chanel Inspired Dog Bowl $120 at a Daily Dose of Fab

Chanel Inspired Travel Coffee Mugs

Eau de Joe CC Travel Mug $30 at  A Daily Dose of Fab

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  1. Charo says

    Ooh La La Designs, has anyone contacted them before or bought from them?
    I contacted them weeks ago re the dog bowl and no reply, there are no longer items for sale either.
    Does anyone know where else to get the Chanel bowl from?

    • dee adler says

      hello. I got the chanel dog bowl that kyle had on housewives. it’s from I got it two weeks ago for $120 plus $20 shipping, but because of demand they upped the price to $130.

      you can also email them at

      it was a lot of money but very cute, great quality and my dog’s name is coco chanel so it was a must! good luck!!!


  2. Wanda says

    I purchased the dog bowl from Ooh la la finds and it is a rip off, it is a petsmart plastic bowl with white stick on letters, do not purchase!! Not worth the money!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chanah says

    Hi, can someone help me find this dog bowl? I emailed them no answer and their site isn’t working. Does anyone have a number maybe I can call from their invoice?? Thanks so much

  4. Rachael says

    In one of the real housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump puts on a white hat with a diamond like flower on it. She is looking in the mirror. It is when the show first comes on season 5 I believe. I absolutely love that hat. Curious where it came from.

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