Faux fur is great for a holiday party, but certain items can work well for a daytime look  as well. I took this affordable vest and paired it with some neutral tones and the combo made a great dressed-up-yet-casual daytime look. Adding some dainty, layered necklaces was the perfect way to complete the outfit.

My Style: Faux Fur Vest, Layered Necklaces Boots


Fab Fit Fun VIP Box

1. Faux Fur Vest $39.95 Available Here at Just Fab

2. Half United Bullet Necklace Available in the Winter Fab Fit Fun VIP Box HERE

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3. Inital Necklace $10 Available Here at Shop Prima Donna

4. Bebe Jeans Available Here

5. Two Tone Knee High Boots Available Here

6. H & M Blouse (Sold Out)

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