Kyle Richards’ Floral Contrast Bow Blouse at her Cake Tasting Party

Season 7 Episode 13 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

I’ve had a loooooong day. A day filled with trying to work, trying to mom, trying to cook and trying to clean. And I’m pretty sure it seemed so damn long because I generally try to avoid the latter two on the list. So I was all ready to shut my computer and give my full 100% to a little This Is Us On Demandbut of course, I just had to take one last peek at my computer and in that moment I found Kyle Richards’ floral blouse with white bow and cuffs from last night’s cake party. This little talent of mine is a gift and a curse I tell ya, a little like Lisa Rinna’s overpowering desire to always fess up—eventually. Although it seems to get me in much less trouble, if my husband doesn’t look at my credit card statement that is.

Kyle Richards' Floral Contrast Bow Blouse

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