Kyle Richards’ Hooded Skull Puffer Vest & Python Cropped Leggings Organizing Her Garage

Season 7 Episode 13 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

As someone who once had to pay like $15 for a pair of socks when I forgot mine for class, I know some Soul Cycle skull gear when I see it. And I also know that it’s probably good that Kyle Richards’ black Soul Cycle skull logo moto vest is sold out, because if the socks are $15, that vest ain’t cheap. But do you know what is a good deal? Her even cuter burgundy python print leggings, and which are totally half off, and I’m not referring to the fact they are cropped.

Kyle Richards’ Burgundy Python Print Cropped Leggings Cleaning Her Garage

Kyle Richards' burgundy python leggings

Varley Pico Printed Cropped Sport Legging on SALE Here

Kyle Richards’ Hooded Skull Puffer Vest Organizing Her Garage

Kyle Richards' Hooded Skull Puffer Vest

Soul Cycle Moto Puffy Vest Sold Out

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