Do you also do research on (Non-Housewives) celebrities??…If you watch Lauren Alaina’s music video (Like My Mother Does) you will see a little more detail (on her skirt)…If you can at least (find) the brand/something that looks similar I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for your time (:! Katie

To be perfectly honest, when Katie sent me this email, I had no idea who Lauren Alaina was. I only deduced that she was on American Idol because Katie sent me a split screen shot of her and that other contestant who looks like the guy from Mad Magazine (who I’ve since discovered is Scotty McCreery). And to make matters worse, I literally though that she meant I should watch Lauren’s video “Like her mother does”, as in Katie’s mom was a huge fan of this chick and I needed to watch it like her mother watches it. Lets just say it’s a freakin’ miracle I was able to find this skirt…And her necklace, good lord.

Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does” Pink/Peach Maxi Skirt

Free People Ruffle Maxi SALE $59.99 (Limited Sizing)

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Free People Cascade Convertible Maxi Skirt $88 Nordstrom.comDip Back Maxi Skirt $68.96

Fresh Laundry Maxi Skirt $88

Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does” NecklaceHouse of Harlow Necklace $75

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Gold Triangle Necklace $25 Etsy.comAztec Triangle Necklace $22

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