Most Eligible Dallas Fashion – Tara Harper’s Beaded Shoulder Dress

August 17, 2011-

By Lauren

WARNING: Today’s post is Rated PG-13 due to internet issues…

The ever-so-annoying issues I am having today with my internet threw me back to my first AOL Instant Messenger conversation (Yes, it was to talk to high school boys and yes, before it was conveniently shortened to AIM.) It involved dial up internet and lots of freezing, frustration and F-Bombs. But, I figure if I lived through that and am still typing away like an idiot, I can certainly bear through this little issue to find Most Eligible Dallas’s Tara Harper’s gem shoulder intro dress.  Good thing the dress is F-ing hot ;-).

Most Eligible Dallas’s Tara Haper’s Beaded Shoulder Dress

Tadashi Shoji Beaded Shoulder Dress $315

Available in Triple Berry (above)

Style Stealers:

Draped Beaded Shoulder Dress SALE $9.99

Embellished Cowl Dress $28.80

Hannah Joe Beaded Shoulder Dress $122.99


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