Do me a favor? If you are about to go on a beach vacation and you haven’t watched last Thursday’s Real Housewives of Miami, don’t. Why? Lisa Hochstein looks hotter giving her dogs a bath in the privacy of her own home then most of us look at the beach, after working out for three months, with a spray tan and after a week of eating ice chips.  If you go against my advice, just be prepared with a fab cover up.

Lisa Hochstein’s White Fringe Tank Top While Giving Her Dog A Bath

Lisa Hochstein Braided Fringe Tank Top Giving Her Dog a Bath

Lisa Hochsteins Braided White Fringe Tank While Giving Her Dog A Bath Mink Pink

Mink Pink White Fringe Tank Top

Mink Pink Twisted Fantasy Tank Top

Style Stealers:

Young Fabulous and Broke Fringe Top

Young Fabulous and Broke Fringe Top

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