Liza Miller’s White Cutout Dress

Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Finale Fashion

Falling in love, getting a new job, and appearing in spiritual dreams, Liza Miller’s white cutout dress was sent from the heavens. Josh, Charles, Chick[y], and her current clients are all currently fighting over Liza. Basically, we are watching The Bachelorette on TV Land, but with much more clever people. Well, maybe not that yellow chicken. See? They both had chicken costumes. So much in common. Love triangles, chickens, awesome clothes, and shattered relationship hopes. Charles did a lot in the name of love this week. And they are leaving these cliffhangers for us to wait for a whole year, it’s almost like waiting for a final rose ceremony for a whole year. But looks like they will all get the roses they’re looking for at the end!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Liza Miller's White Cutout Dress

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