Tia Booth’s White Strapless Romper

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Episode 7 Fashion

Clearly the most solid couple in Paradise, Tia Booth’s white strapless romper might as well have been a wedding dress. Colton was super sweet and straightforward with the new chick, which Tia nearly let psych her out. But Colton was loyal and told her right away that the odds are not in her favor. Well they were, because her next chat became her next date, and that was that. Tia however, was whisked away to eat bottomless hot dogs. I wish they had cut back to see how many of those were actually finished. Did they share? Did she have more than one? I wouldn’t be eating anything in Paradise, let alone hot dogs!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Tia Booth's White Strapless Romper

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