Original Post 2.17.2010

Question: What could we possibly do to extend the legging shelf life and our ability to eat obscence amounts in comfort for another season or two? Answer: Combine them with a skinny jean and make them give birth to the Jegging (jean legging for those of us having a slow day). For those of you who are already on top of these, as they have been around for a bit, please forgive me for just doing this blog, but I tried the maternity Jegging and it just was not hot (Who thought that making a cranky pregnant chick put on tight pants and look like humpty dumpty was a good idea???), so I am just getting into these bad boys!

While J Brand has the most famous Jegging, having tried on a few brands at this point, I had to pass along my find at Express this weekend. First off, they are only $50 at Express (compared to their $160 J Brand cousin) and right now they are buy one get one half off (http://www.express.com/catalog/thumbnail.jsp?parentCategoryId=2&categoryId=28&subCategoryId=609&Mcat=609&Mcatp=cat_28&Mpos=1&Mppg=0&Mcatn=Leggings&Mcatpn=category&Mpg=SEARCH%2BNAV&Mpper=80&user_att_name=Interest&user_att_value=Email&Mrsaa=*&Mrsavf=*&Mcatg=cat_2&ICID=1748) .

….SO I got 2 pairs for $75, subtracting the additional Express coupon that most of us have lying around.

(Left to right: Faux Denim, Micro-Twill, Dark Rinse Denim)

I am wearing mine (I bought faux denim & micro twill) with shirts a bit longer than those in the pics, but must say, the Micro-Twill variety is a definitely booty lifter and shaper and also have a dressy sheen. They run true to size and, to my delight, do not seem to stretch out like my super skinny J Brand jeans (BEWARE of stretching with any J Brand denim….).

Pair these jeggings with a pair of tall boots or heels and a longer top/sweater (although the longer top isnt as NECESSARY as with a fabric legging, depending on body type), like the following:

forever21.com $16.80 – Striped Bliss Tunic

forever21.com $17.80 – Beaded Tank

www.express.com $29.50 Dreamweight Wide Tank