Last night I spent the night at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan in honor of my lovely husbands birthday, and for a special occasion I needed a special dress. This is why I had been saving my RVN Tattoo Lace Jacquard Flared dress, and as much as I had been dying to pull it out of my closet, I was glad I waited. It is such and amazing, yet comfortable and flattering dress.  In fact, even my hubby said it was one of his favorite dresses he has seen me in. Which is great on two levels 1) I am one of those annoying chicks who likes to dress more for men than women when I go out (no shame 2) It will be super easy to explain the next charge to on our AMEX bill is actually a gift for him, not me…

My Style: The RVN Tattoo Lace Jacquard Flared Dress

RVN Tattoo Lace Jacquard DRess


RVN Lace Jacquard Tattooed Flare DRess

RVN Lace Tattoo Jacquard Dress

RVN Lace Tattoo Jacquard Dress

Also Available in Black/Nude Size Small HERE

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