Who makes Tamara’s fur vest? SamanthyD

If Tamra Barney can sell this many of you on a fur vest in the middle of summer, I’m thinking she missed a calling in fur sales. I mean, er, faux fur sales if you’re listening PETA.

Tamra Barney’s Fur Vest & Ripped Jeans at Dinner at Her Gym CUT Fitness with Eddie

Tamra Barneys Fur Vest and Ripped Jeans at Dinner with Eddie


Faux Fur Vest SOLD OUT Bebe.com

Distressed Jeans SOLD OUT ArdenB.com

Style Stealers:

Daytrip Faux Fur Vest

Daytrip Faux Fur Vest

(Wait a month on the faux fur/fur ladies, more retailers will have them back in stock)

Blank NYC Ripped Jeans

Blank NYC Distressed Jeans Available Here

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