I was ecstatic during last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta when Nene came on during one of her commentary clips in the fabulous beaded top. It is by one of my favorite brands (to admire from afar), BOYOD – It’s like the Parker you didn’t know about because it isn’t plastered in every store window and on every website. And while I do like Parker’s, their slit sleeve beaded tunics have been played out, and Nene comes fresh with this beautiful BOYOD beaded tunic – Hands down one of my favorite pieces I’ve seen any of the Real Housewives wear, ever. So thank you Nene, for letting me catch a glimpse of a long lost love, that I’ll never be able to get my hands on.

Nene Leakes Beaded Interview Top

Nene Leakes Beaded Interview Top

Boyod Elisabeth Embellished Tunic

Boyod Elisabeth Embellished Tunic SOLD OUT Nordstrom.com

Style Stealers:

Amy Dress
BOYOD Amy Dress $295 PinkMascara.com

Parker Batwing Beaded Tunic in Pale Pink

Parker Batwing Beaded Tunic in Pale Pink $330 PinkMascara.com

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