Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Top Picks:

2018 Nortstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ll do a few Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts showcasing the items I love, but for those of you who are up and at ’em like me you can follow my picks live here before I make them look all pretty in a post! My best strategy for this sale is that I buy now and return later because things sell out more and more quickly each year as the sale gets more popular. Also, be aware, the items pictured often come in different colors! I’ll also be going through and doing men’s picks (click here to see my top kids items), I just like to get my women’s out of the way, clearly because I have priorities and want to shop for myself.

For those of you who’ve never shopped, it’s such a big deal because your actually getting Fall 2018 items on sale before the season. That’s unheard of. On top of that the prices are amazing. You’ll need a Nordstrom card to shop, and it’s the only reason I applied for one years ago and ever since I’ve loved the perks of it. You get money off at Nordstrom when you spend, it makes returns even easier, and other perks.

Share what you bought in the comments, I always love hearing what everyone has found and what they like.


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