Tinsley Mortimer’s Grey Sweater

July 11, 2018-

By Lauren

Tinsley Mortimer’s Grey Sweater with Raw Edges at Carole’s House

Season 10 Episode 14 Real Housewives of New York Fashion

The hems on Tinsley Mortimer’s grey sweatshirt with raw edges at Carole’s house understand the pain of the speed dating discussed in the scene because they’ve been ripped apart. Have you met anyone who met speed dating?! It’s like old school Tinder, and way more awks.

I never did it by choice, however, when I moved to Chicago and was trying to make ends meet I ended up doing some work for a woman (who was actually very innovative) that owned a speed dating company. One day, when I was 23 and first moved to Chicago, the owner said I needed to come check people in at a speed dating event. When I got to the event, she then told me they were short a person and I needed to jump in (I call BS and it was pretty ballsy of her, but whatevs). Needless to say, it was super awkward for me talking to a bunch of dudes that were not my age while I was faking being a speed dater.

Silver lining? The event took place at a bar where I in turn met the owner and got a job waitressing. And at that job, at an old bar in Wrigleyville called Neybours,  I had the best time of my life. I met the Godmother of my first child, other lifelong friends and my husband. So I guess he and I slow speed dated? Ultimately, although it indirectly worked for me, lets hope it progresses more quickly with the RNONY, because lord knows they don’t have the patience for my story.

The Realest Housewife,

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Tinsley Mortimer's Grey Sweater with Raw Edges

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