Original Post 4.6.09

Watching Soriano lead off Cubs opening day with a homer has inspired me to talk a little baseball today. I won’t be talking about Zambrano’s pitching like the boys at the bar, or telling the story of how Mark got thrown up on by a wasted Brewers fan last year (maybe next time….that is a killer story), I will be talking about how baseball apparel can make you hotter than the bleachers at Wrigley on a 90 degree day.

Short and sweet…Men, whether it’s your boyfriend, husband or the hottie you made eye contact with on the El, like nothing more then a chick dressed in an outfit sporting the name or logo of their favorite team. We all know guys think about little else than sports and sex (sorry), making such outfits a killer combo! Add a Miller Lite in hand and you will have more options than the next Bachelorette before you can take your second sip! Short skirts and stiletto’s don’t have anything on my Cubs matching tracksuit, I swear to you.

There are a few easy rules to making this work:
1- VINTAGE = GOOD….The vintage look is hot right now for both men’s and women’s sports gear.
2- Beware the Alyssa Milano line “Touch”. There are some cute pieces, but much borders on trash wear…The key is to make it cute without making it look trashy!

3- No men’s over sized sweatshirts and nothing that is so tight it looks painted on…Make it cute and make it fit.
4- A head to toe look is killer, ie a tracksuit, but don’t over do it. Stick with blues, blacks or grays..Steer clear of pink, it adds the high maintenance factor to the look…Keep it sporty
5- Don’t spend money on a jersey….Baseball players get traded left and right and you look like a moron having no clue the jersey you are wearing is of someone who has been traded .
6-No Fukadome gear purchased outside of the Cubby Bear….Having a Japanese player on your team doesn’t make sporting a shirt that says “Hory Cow” any less racist.

Home opener at Wrigey is next Monday so take my advice and watch how easy it is to get to first base :-)!!!