Original Post 4.7.09

So I’m reading Glamour or In Style or one of those the other day and stumble across the new “It” lip gloss from Chanel….. http://shop.nordstrom.com/hs/MALPR36Y … Glance at the price, and get ready for a rant…Are you kidding me? $60!!! People are paying $60 for to have their lip glosses home be in 2 small (did I mention SMALL) Chanel C’s. Is it really that cool to whip that sucker out and have the lady next to you in the bathroom see that your lip gloss is “Limited Addition” Chanel?! Is the gloss made of diamonds? Do I put it on and it makes my ass get smaller? I think not…

For those of you who are into makeup but do not want to break the bank, I am introducing you to ELF (eyes, lips, face) www.eyeslipsface.com. It was passed on to me from my mom about 6 months ago (conservative families pass on recipes and heirlooms, liberal families pass on cheap makeup sites). I promise you, it is MUCH better than Wet and Wild (I’m not a fan) or any of the other cheap brands you find at Walgreens. I use their eyeshadow, lip gloss and face shimmer on a daily basis!

Individual lip glosses, eye shadows etc. are only $1!!!! You could buy 60 of these : http://www.eyeslipsface.com/lips/hypershine_gloss for the price of ONE Chanel Limited Edition lip gloss.

You can also find great, inexpensive gifts for your girlfriends!

Give it a try! It will feel like Christmas in April when you order 25 things (for $25!!!) and get the big box’o’makeup in the mail!!