In clear in the world of Lifetime’s Pretty Wicked Mom’s, birds of a feather flock together, in the case of Emily and Nicole N. And apparently a little known fact is that birds of a feather have the same taste in earrings. Ahhh, I love science.

Pretty Wicked Mom’s Fashion: Emily & Nicole N’s Earrings

Marcia Moran Gold Chandelier Earrings

Marcia Moran Silver Chandelier Earrings

Marcia Moran Boho Darling Earrings in Rose Gold

Pretty Wicked Moms Earrings


Marcia Moran Boho Darling Earrings $140

Available in Gold at 

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Order in Rhodium / Rose Gold by emailing [email protected]

Use code blonde10 for 10% off

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