Hey! Just wondering… Will you be covering the new reality series on Lifetime called “Pretty Wicked Moms” ?? I think there will be a lot of great fashion on that show! And there was a maxi dress I want! It was worn by The brunette, Nicole B, “The Alpha mom”. Danielle via Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

After catching up on Episode 1 online, I totally agree with Danielle. And the name of the show. There was a lot of good fashion; and a lot of good fighting. These “Southern Belle’s”  give our beloved Real Housewives a run for their money in the cattiness department. It’s definitely worth a watch, because they definitely know how to dress. And how to make their castmates stress…

Nicole B’s Gold Belted Orange, Blue and White Pleated Maxi Dress at Her Daughter’s First Birthday

BCBG Raya Maxi Dress

BCBG Raya Pleated Maxi Dress

BCBG Raya Pleated Maxi Dress SOLD OUT Online

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Style Stealer:

Suboo Pleated Colorblock Maxi Dress

Suboo Pleated Colorblock Maxi Dress

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