Real Girlfriends in Paris Season 1 Episode 4 Fashion

Bonjour to the new babes of Bravo! The Real Girlfriends of Paris premiered a few weeks ago and after a lot of request we decided we must cover la mode. For those of you who don’t speak french or are too lazy to Google it la mode means the fashion. And let me tell you the fashion was fabulous. Each of the girls has their own unique style which I think is great because it covers all the possible bases. Which is exactly why we need to throw our drink and lunch onto our friend/co-worker a Style Stealer of each look into our shopping carts.


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Victoria Zito’s Striped Embellished Cardigan

Victoria Zito's Striped Embellished Cardigan

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Kacey Margo’s Black Rose Print Mesh Confessional Dress

Kacey Margo's Black Rose Print Mesh Confessional Dress

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Victoria Zito’s Ivory Cutout Crop Top

Click Here to See Her Hyein Seo Top

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Anya Firestone’s White Bow Jumpsuit

Anya Firestone's White Bow Jumpsuit

Click Here to Shop Her Alexia Maria Jumpsuit

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Adja Toure’s Burgundy Velvet Wrap Dress

Adja Toure's Burgundy Velvet Wrap Dress

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