Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion Catch-Up: Tamra Barney’s Sequin Sin City Dress

June 20, 2011-

By Lauren

Hi- I need to have Tamra’s silver sequin and purple dress from her and Peggy’s trip to Vegas. Do you have the info? Molly

As promised, I’m catching up on older Real Housewives requests and still searching for new. Molly probably thinks I fell off the face of the earth…Along with Tamra Barney’s sold out Silver Sequin and Purple Sky Brand Dress that none of us will be getting our hands on. Because apparently, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, even with dresses (Oh yes I did…).

Tamra Barney’s Purple with Silver Sequins Las Vegas Dress

Sky Brand Dress SOLD OUT

*Thank you Tamra for helping me out on this one*

Check out a Small in Black & Silver at Unica Melrose if that’s your size


Style Stealers:

Ruched Adjustable Mini Dress in Silver & Purple $38.99


Gold Sequin Halter Dress $30.80

Wallet Stealer:

LaFemme Cocktail Dress $318


Click here for info on how to enter to win a FREE dress as seen on RHONJ Dina Manzo


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  2. michelle smith says

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