Vicki Gunvalson’s Pretty Pink Nails

June 21, 2011-

By Lauren

….I am dying to know what kind of nails Vicki Gunvalson wears! I can tell they are fake but can’t figure out what kind! I have been looking for pictures online, came across your site, and love it! Hope you can help!
– Aubrey

I’ve had a lot of requests to track down the magic that is Vicki Gunvalson’s pretty pink manicure. It took me awhile, but I think I’ve got it. And I’d like to thank Vicki for actually keeping her hands still enough during the reunion hand-gesturing dramatics for to get a shot of her nails I could use in this post. Trust me, the other ladies hands were pretty blurry…


I came across the information that Vicki uses “the pink powder from acrylics mixed with a little *white powder” and it makes a soft pink.


You were expecting some mixture of pink diamonds and caviar?

For those of you looking for her reunion nails, Vicki “thinks” her nails were painted with OPI Pink Ballet … which doesn’t seem to be a color I can track down! So, after “careful” analysis, I’ve narrowed it down to OPI I Think In Pink, OPI Pink-A-Doodle and Essie Ballet Slippers, based on color and name combos!

*Let’s just assume she doesn’t mean “white powder” in that same way that she would if she was Lindsay Lohan, and that she is talking about the white powder used by your favorite nail technician…So don’t worry about getting arrested, and enjoy.


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  1. Greta says

    On the RHoOC “lost footage” show, Tamara had on white jeans with black stitching when she took her tatted-up son to the doc…sort of looked like True Religion…but I can’t find them. Help, please!

  2. Eydie says

    I wanted to know where Vicky got the white dress she wore on the 6-20-11 episode. I believe it was unseen clips. On the show, I thought she said she got that one and a yellow one from Glitter Girl in OC but I could not locate the store. Please help, thank you.

  3. Sanja says

    I would love to know the color of Dorit’s pink nail polish on episode 2 of the Beverly Hills housewives current season.

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