Review: Dior Airflash Foundation & Diorshow Mascara

January 26, 2013-

By Lauren

Starting has only encouraged my insatiable need to try every makeup product on earth, so I figure I might as well share my finds with all of you, because if something is a dud, you can skip it. In fact, I am even willing to post a picture of myself sans makeup so you can get the full effect and decide for yourself.

This time, I decided to try a few Dior products, as my makeup taste has also gotten increasingly expensive with the blog. The first product is Dior Airflash foundation, recommended to me by Real Housewives of Miami’s Marysol Patton. The second is Diorshow Mascara, recommended to me by many BigBlondeHair readers. The third is Diorshow Eyelash Serum / Primer, recommended to me by the nice lady at the makeup counter, because she had a free sample.

Here’s how it all turned out:

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Product Review: Dior Airflash Foundation, DiorShow Mascara & Primer

Dior Airflash Airbruch Foundation Review
1) No makeup 2) With Dior Airflash & Diorshow Mascara 3) In Full Makeup
Dior Airflash Foundation
No Makeup

1) This is me, all naturale

Dior Airbrush Foundation
With Dior Airflash Foundation , Dior Eyelash Primer and DiorShow Mascara

2) This is me post application of Dior Airflash, Diorshow and Dior Primer. Although the woman at the makeup counter recommended that I apply the airbrush foundation by spraying it on a makeup wedge or brush, I decided to apply by spraying it directly on my face from 8″ away. I mean, why would I buy airbrush makeup and apply it with a sponge? I blended a little with my fingers, and then was done. Following I applied a layer of Dior Eyelash Primer to both lashes and then waited for it to dry. Following that I applied multiple coats of Diorshow mascara to my lashes.

Image (25)
In Full Makeup

3, Following that I applied my other favorite makeup products, which you can learn about by clicking hereChristian Dior AIrbrush Foundation

1)Diorshow Mascara 2)Diorskin Airflash Airbrush Foundation 3)Diorshow Maximizer Lash Pluming Serum

The Big Blonde Verdict:

I am all about the Dior Airflash Foundation. It is pricey, but I really love the airbrush look and it is far less chalky and far more light then the Chanel foundation I was using before. I love everything airbrush and this is definitely on par. It’s a very nice makeup and I give it an A.

The Diorshow mascara and primer are both great, but will never substitute for false lashes. I feel that it’s a very good mascara, but my Benefit “They’re Real” may show a bit more the dramatic look I like. However, I also feel that the “They’re Real” may be pulling my lashes out since it’s so hard to remove. That all being said, Diorshow is a very good mascara, and the true test will be if I buy a second tube or am on to the next. B+

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  1. Victoria says

    You are so pretty without makeup!!! I just ordered Diorshow and Naked palette yesterday with your recommendation. Thank you, I am looking forward to receiving it and trying it!!!! 🙂

  2. Deanna says

    What false eyelashes do you use? And do you use a lip plumper? I’m in need of how full your lips are! Gorgeous!

  3. Erin says

    Hi Lauren, I’m a huge fan! First, kudos on boldly posting yourself w/out make up. Very bold move lol but your gorgeous!!!! Second, I love Dior air flash I’ve been using it for years in conjunction with other products because my skin is not the best… I absolutely love it!!! But i thought i should warn you, if you don’t spray it on a brush or sponge first your going to fly through that can veryyyyy fast!!! And considering the price, you probably want to savor it… Anyway thanks for always posting! I think your fab! xx Erin

    • Lauren says

      Thanks Erin! You are totally right … I’m noticing that lol. I’m going to go broke! I just like the way it looks airbrushed on … I’ll have to try it again applying with a brush…

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