Tamra Barney’s White Jeans

April 2, 2013-

By Lauren

What about the white jeans (Tamra is wearing)? SOOO hard to find ones that aren’t “see through”, I hate to see seams and pockets. Am I a hopeless cause? Julie

Julie, you certainly aren’t a hopeless cause. Many people have faced the “white jean dilemma”. Luckily, Tamra Barney has tested a pair out for you, and put them up on eBay. Now that’s what I call tried and True…Religion.

Tamra Barney’s Season 8 Premiere White Jeans with her Red Top at Heather’s Clambake

True Religion White Skinny Jeans
Photo: OCTamraB on eBay.com

Hudson White Skinny Jeans (Terri thank you for the Style Assist)

Tamra is selling a pair of her white skinny white skinny jeans on eBay here!

Style Stealer:

AG Stilt Skinny Jeans in White

AG Stilt Skinny Jeans $91.99

Editors note: These are the white skinny jeans that I wear, and I love them. I also love that I got them at Anthropologie last year and they were mismarked as being only $9.99. Best white jeans story ever;-)

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  1. BrooklynLove says

    What about the sunglasses Tamara had on at the Clam Bake…do you know who makes them? Gold Rims like the number 8?

  2. Jamie says

    I love the coral shirt that Gretchen was wearing with her white jeans the night of the clambake. Where can I find that at?

  3. Kimberly says

    What s the necklace that Tamara is wearing? I checked online (thought it was Tory Burch) but can’t find it anywhere.

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