Original Post 1.4.2010

So as not to leave the decade on a negative note, I’d like to present the Top 10 BEST Trends of the Past Decade…Try not to notice how many seem to walk a fine line with the worst of :-)!

Social Networking Sites – I have my qualms about Twitter, but the likes of MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn put us back into touch with people we may have never seen or heard from again…good or bad! I know some people complain about this, but with the ability to make your page private or decline friend requests, what isn’t to like? Who doesn’t love to connect with an old roommate? How fun is it to see that that popular chick who stole your man in high school is finally getting acne and has already been through a divorce? Put up a profile pic where your face is positioned to make you look 10 pounds skinnier and 5 years younger and make the guy who didn’t ask you to prom cry like a baby.

Dog Friendliness – Your dog used to have fleas….Now it has its own park, boutique, sweater, bakery, beer, monogrammed bowl and daycare. You can even bring man’s best friend to many outdoor malls and throw it it’s own birthday party. Anyone who has a loyal pup knows that this is key to living an active life while not neglecting your pet. Cats…adjust the attitude and the 2010’s could be yours!

Discount Retailers/Disposable Clothing – With the slumping economy, discount retailers have been a source of comfort for those of us who require retail therapy on a regular basis. It became chic to say how little you spent on something as opposed to how you needed a re-fi to buy your new hobo bag. Finding great deals on designer goods at Loehmann’s and Nordstrom Rack was the scavenger hunt of the decade! And what felt better than wearing a dress to a party and having the rich, put together girl ask you who your dress was by…and replying “Forever 21!”.

The Text Message– Passively communicate without ever having to verbalize your feelings? Score! The text message enabled passive aggressives everywhere to get out of that awkward conversation (or break up) without hearing a dial tone. Don’t want to spend an hour on the phone listening to your drama queen friend agonize about her 2nd breakup in as many days? Get it done in 100 characters via text…all while watching your favorite reality show. That’s what I call efficiency.

Reality TV– I hesitate to put this on the “Best Of” because it is total trash and so many of its elements made the “Worst Of” list, but really, where you the past decade be without it. Who will forget cry baby Jason dumping what’s her name for what’s her name on the Bachelor? Or the tears you cried when that first new house was revealed on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”? Reality TV, trash or not, replaced the soap opera and trashy talk show of the 90’s.

Obama-rama– Before I lose half of my readers, do allow me to explain. Whether you like him or not, how awesome is it that our country has progressed enough to elect a leader with the name “Barack” and that is not a 60 year old white male? I think this says so much about how the country is actually progressing and racial gaps are narrowing. The energy in Chicago when he won the election was amazing and definitely a memorable part of my decade!

Brittney Spears– This decade, America’s former sweet, self proclaimed virgin and high school sweetheart to Justin Timberlake had our jaws on the floor as she roller coasted through 2 marriages, 2 pregnancies, a reality show, a head shaving, a British accent, forgetting her undies, some dude named Adnan and a conservatorship. AND she came out on top! After a few hard years she’s back on top from a downward spiral that had many people fearing for the worst. Props to the former teen queen.

The SUV – Goodbye Astro Van, hello sleek, sexy, black SUV with tinted windows! Sit up higher, feel safer, look like a badass and still have room to throw your friends/kids/shopping bags in the back. Tree huggers recoil, as they even began making hybrid versions for those who want to save the earth!

TiVo/DVR – You mean I can watch America’s Next Top Model and still have a social life? Heck yeah I can! Now, in our tradition of being spoiled, get it when we want it Americans, we can see any show we want, whenever we want with a minimal amount of planning ahead. AND we don’t even have to sit through annoying commercials. The vote in the Sebastian House is that we would give up our microwave before we give up our DVR…No contest!

The Celebrity Gossip Magazine – Gag….BUT I love it. How could you not want to know how the Beckham’s are “Just Like Us” or “Who Wore It Best”? These trash mags are our sneak peek into the lives of the rich and famous. Stemming for the Enquirer, we now have not one, but at least 10 fantastic time wasters to choose from as we wait in line at Jewel. There is no guilty pleasure topping this!

Stay tuned for the Best and Worst Fashions of The Past 10 years!