Tinsley Mortimer’s Flower Chandelier Earrings in Cartagena

Season 10 Episode 16 Real Housewives of New York Fashion

I love how while the other ladies are on the verge of killing each other in Cartagena, Tinsley Mortimer’s focus remains on killing her Colombian-inspired looks with the help of her glam squad (and drinking like it’s 1999). Everything from her pretty braids to her frilly outfits to her colorful accessories fit the theme of the trip perfectly, especially her flower chandelier earrings from this week’s episode. And if they look familiar to you, it may be because she wore a very similar (and equally stunning) pair by the same designer last week – details here!

All I could think was poor Tinsley as she was caught in the middle (literally) between two simultaneous fights occurring at each end of the dinner table. Like I suggested in my last Tinsley post, she really needs to carry little boxes of jewelry around with her 24/7 to sedate all the women pre-fight. For a minute it looked like Carole had done the work for her with those ball drop earrings…if only she had handed them out to more people than just Sonja, the technique may have actually worked.



Tinsley Mortimer’s Flower Chandelier Earrings

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