Tinsley Mortimer’s Lace Ankle Boots

April 4, 2019-

By Faryn Wegler

Tinsley Mortimer’s Lace Ankle Boots at the Doctor’s

Season 11 Episode 5 Real Housewives of New York Fashion

While Tinsley Mortimer may be dealing with some serious jaw-clenching due to stress, one medical ailment she thankfully doesn’t appear to suffer from is bunions – or else we wouldn’t have seen her in these hot lace ankle boots at the doctor’s. Actually we probably would have, she would have just numbed the pain “old-school” with some vodka!

Seeing as Tinsley’s boots are not only sold out, but I could probably never walk in or afford them to begin with, I think it’s time I call up my doctor and make an appointment for myself. Where I will probably be diagnosed with a severe case of TMJ  – Tinsley Mortimer Jealousy.



Tinsley Mortimer's Lace Ankle Boots

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