Okay here is the deal. Although Britney Spears is not always known for her style choices (unless you like to go shoe less), BUT thinking of her abs in the “Salve” video and listening to her music get me through about every rough moment at the gym … And I love her. She made the comeback from head shaving crazy town to stable mama with a place on Network TV, and for that I’m proud. And I’m happy to have a fashion home for her on BigBlondeHair.com.

However, since she is turning out to be a bit of a critic on the X Factor, I am going to be somewhat of a critic of her fashion choices (ok really it’s judging her stylist), in a little game I’ll call the “BBH Factor”, a 1 to 10 rating scale of Britney’s looks (1=Lose It 2=Keep It).

Do you agree with me? Leave a comment and weigh in below.

Britney Spears Blue Paisley Print X Factor Premiere Party Dress

Britney Spears X Factor Blue Print Premiere Party Dress Stella McCartney
Photo: Idolator.com

Stella McCartney Blue Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress Britney Spears X FactorStella McCartney Floral Print Dress $1755

This is an amazing dress on her. Perfect style, perfect fit, perfect color. And her extensions look amazing. Perfect amount of volume, gorgeous blow out. This is the best she has looked in years! BBH Factor: 10

Credit: RedCarpetFashionAwards.com

Style Stealer:

Stella McCartney Printed T Shirt Dress

Stella McCartney Printed T Shirt Dress $295

Britney Spears Coral Mesh Inset Episode 1 X Factor Dress

Britney Spears Coral Episode 1 X Factor Dress with Mesh Inset Brian Lichtenberg

Brian Lichtenberg Suba Dress Britney Spears X Factor Episode 1

Brian Lichtenberg Scuba Dress

While this dress is a gorgeous color,  somewhat reminiscent of Ms. Spears ala “Ooops I did it Again” and a mesh inset is super on trend, I think the texture of the fabric takes away from the look.  Brian Lichtenberg, and Britney, have done better. BBH Factor: 5

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Style Stealer:

Sentimental Long Sleeve Sequin Mesh Inset Dress

Sentimental Long Sleeve Sequin Mesh Inset Dress ReveBoutique.com

Britney Spears X Factor Episode 2 Black Bandage Dress

Britney Spears Black Bandage Cutout X Factor Dress Herve Leger
Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Herve Leger Black Cutout Dress Britney Spears

Herve Leger Black Bandage Dress with Cutouts

This dress should have been styled as shown on the Runway, but it’s hard to go super wrong with a LBD. My complaint? Herve Leger is so overdone.  I want to see Britney setting some trends, ie the school girl outfit craze, not following them. BBH Factor: 5

Style Stealer:

Guess Cutout Twist Bandage Dress

Twist Cutout Bandage Dress

Britney Spears Episode 2 Red Bandage Dress

Britney Spears X Factor Episode 2 Red Bandage Dress Herve Leger
Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Herve Leger Red Bandage Dress Seen on Britney Spears X FactorHerve Leger Kataya Bandage Dress

Of course everyone loves a hot blond in a Herve Leger, but again, it’s been done. I would have paired it with long, straight extensions and a darker lip to amp up the sex appeal. Verdict: Been there done that. BBH Factor: 5

Style Stealer:

ASOS Midi Off The Shoulder Bandage Dress Red

ASOS Midi Off The Shoulder Bandage Dress

Britney Spears Long Sleeve Gold Bead Mini Dress on X Factor Episode 1 

Britney Spears Gold Beaded Sequin Scallop Hem Dress X Factor Premiere
Photo: PopWatch.EW.com

 Scallop Hem Long Sleeve Beaded Mini Dress by Lorena Sarbu

Britney’s stylist needed to work on this fit better. This dress makes Brit Brit look frumpy, and she isn’t. Tuck it in a little bit around the waist and it’s a good look. And this piece is the only one from a designer that isn’t super well known, so extra points for creativity. Also, straighten the hair and get her weave back ASAP. BBH Factor: 6

Info: LoveBScott.com

Style Stealer:

TFNC Gold Sequin Dress with Long Sleeves

TFNC Long Sleeve Gold Mini Dress

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