I have always admired a good friend and ex-coworker of mine who hit the nail on the head with the ever controversial topic of office dress code.  In a sales job, like in many other professions, the way you look can be a deal breaker. While many of us spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what to wear to the office as to not get reprimanded like high schoolers with a dress code ( yeah…we also had to sign in and out for lunch at a salaried  position) she rocked her own personal style, but was so good at her job that they would have never fired her over it. She sported a signature chainsaw necklace (now you know who you are), a sexy leopard cocktail dress if she was looking to hit up happy hour after work, and even pink cords because it’s not like they were denim! And guess what? She was sooo good at her job, that no matter what she wore, she wasn’t going to get fired and her awesome style made her who she was. I loved it!

Unfortunately, I was not as good at the job as my office style role model, and I spent hours digging through my closet looking for the perfect 9-5 outfit because really, wearing my favorite outfit to work woulda gotten me canned. Is this skirt too short? Do I want to wear this suit and look like a man? Does this shirt say “professional”? Are open toed shoes allowed? As life goes, now that my 9-5 dress code is a yoga pants and and any hoodie I can find without puke on it, I found the answer! Elisabeth Hasselbeck (I know…) has launched a clothing line in conjunction with QVC (Don’t stop reading yet, I haven’t lost my mind…) that is far less conservative and far more on point than her political views (There it is!). Believe it or not, she hit the nail on the head for pieces a woman can wear to the office and look still look feminine AND professional without looking underdressed or unprofessional. Always looking classy, stylish and put together on The View, she is a great “professional” style role model for late twenty to fortysomethings and what they should wear to the office. In fact, many of the outfits she wears on the show are from her clothing line Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue.

Some of the pieces could be construed as a bit “mommy” looking for outside (or even inside) of office hours, so I am not suggesting you wear them to Underground, but the dresses and separates will leave you looking clean, polished and put together. The pieces are also well priced, $26 and up.

“Cascade Ruffle Sweater” – Great with a dress pant, color is more vivid in person


“Sheer Sleeve Turtleneck” – A little bit of a sexier but sophisticated look, great paired with a skirt or black pant


“Pointe Dress” – On “Pointe” all by itself


“Stretch Velvet Sleeveless Top” – To wear along with a black pant or under a blazer




SO, if you aren’t hitting your sales goals and need a good look to keep you around the office for awhile, check out this line for some feminine, yet sophisticated and conservative (wink) office gear.