Working our way backwards….Note to all the single ladies: Do not save yourself for marriage, go on The Bachelor and announce it in front of millions of viewers…It won’t help, even if he seems like a guy who would be into it!!! Corey learned that life lesson the hard way last night on the show, after the 23 year old opened up to the Jake that she was a virgin and then got the boot. I really thought that Jake seemed like the type would have placed some value in that, but apparently he likes the bad girls! This definitely offers some insight into why our perfect bachelor is still a single man…He says he wants a good girl, but really he wants a twice engaged 23 year old with naked pics flying around (have you heard this???)*. Anyways, that ordeal ought to secure Corey’s appointment with her shrink to discuss her  issues with “opening up” that plagued her throughout the show.

I was  glad that Jake gave us some truth (aka acting like he actually has some male sex organs), and confirmed my thoughts as to why Vienna is still on the show (aside from the known fact that all men over 30 want a 23 year old) when he commented that she was “sexy as hell” and some other sweet nothings when she brought the glasses of wine down to seduce him. Even given this insight, I was so happy and ever so impressed that Jake kept it in his pants in honor of Gia.  Many previous “contestants” would have had a heart to heart with Gia and then a romp in the sack with Vienna, so Jake, thank you for restoring my hope in the morality of The Bachelor.  This also secured my thoughts that the “Fantasy Suite” won’t be getting any use this season !!!       

Also, at the beginning of the episode, didn’t Jake say they were going to step up to some 5 Star dates? I know I’ve been spoiled in my day, but a trip to Chinatown, a date where I am competing with another woman and planning my own date are hardly my idea of 5 star excursions. Are ratings down on ABC? Has the show’s budget been cut? Next week he is just going to meet the families, and unless one of the ladies turns out to secretly be princess of a small country, I don’t know how many 5 star adventures we will be exposed to. I guess it is all a step up from riding around in an RV, if you’d like to look at it that way.

Also, is it just me, or does anyone else think Ali is a total brat?  She is a stuck up sorority girl who left her letters at home that pouts when she doesn’t get her way and talks about everyone behind their backs. I love the way she wouldn’t own up to trashing Vienna when Jake confronted her.  If there is anything I have learned, if you are going to be a b*tch, own it and don’t act like you aren’t. People like to know what they are getting. I understand she doesn’t care for Vienna, but at this point she looks much worse than Vienna to me. You would think if Vienna was doing anything THAT bad the producers would have jumped all over it and put it on the show.

That being said, I came across a genius thought as I was browsing Facebook “Status Updates” after the show.  A FB friend of mine speculated that Ali will not win, but she will be the next Bachelorette. Regardless of my thoughts on her, this is totally going to happen.

And then there were 4…..Vienna, Gia, Ali and Tenley….Who will it be? All I have to say is that I have been reading the “Spoilers” (I will not tarnish your Bachelor viewing experience by sharing them) BUT if they are true we are in for some shocking weeks and the outcome that will rival Jason and Melissa!!!! STAY TUNED!!!

*I don’t know if anyone caught the pics, but Extra  did a segment featuring a picture of Vienna, almost topless, with nothing on but a Burberry scarf, posing for some sort of calendar.  I doubt altar boy Jake knew those were coming!