Original Post 4.16.09

It’s sloooowly starting to get warmer, which means it time to break out the sandals and start taking care of ourselves again ladies and metro-sexuals!!! I walked down Southport today, and saw all 10 nail salons jam packed with people, scrambling to get their nails done in anticipation of the 70 degree forecast tomorrow. Time to break out the sandals! The rule is after Easter anything goes, no?!

To me, this is minor torture. While some people enjoy a day at the nail salon, I dread it. I am addicted to the outcome, however the experience itself ranks with that of the dentist. Spending 2 hours, face to face and then face to foot, with someone I do not know is ever so awkward! I often go to the cheapest place I can find, and am ever fearful I will leave with some dreadful nail fungus that will put me in a coma. I am most uncomfortable making someone scrape dead skin off of my feet…Should anyone be subjected to such a task? I spend most of pedicure time squirming, my body jolting as if I am having a minor seizure as the pedicurist does her work, as my feet are extremely ticklish!

I may have found the remedy to my nail woes! As I was watching E News Daily (the ONLY source for important news 🙂 ) a few weeks back, I caught a spot on “Minx”. It is a new product to the nail industry, and stars like Beyonce (http://www.minxnails.com/Minx-Your-Say.asp ) have quickly become fans! Essentially, it is a covering for your nail that forms to fit your nail like polish when put under heat, so no painting! Minx comes in exciting and bold patterns, so you can have nails sporting plaids, metallics, cheetah print, alligator skin..Even a nativity scene (to each their own)! Consider this the less trashy and updated version of airbrushing! ( http://www.minxnails.com/cylantscart/index.php?p=catalog&parent=1&pg=1 ) . It is also said to last longer than the average manicure, which means less awkward silence!

As soon as I caught wind of this, I went straight to their website ( http://www.minxnails.com/default.asp) to see where I could go to a Chicago nail salon and get Minx-ed, only to see no one listed. I was determined, so I emailed the company who also said that there in fact, were no Chicago salons. Does no one in this city watch E!? I even flipped through Vogue yesterday and saw a feature on the product. Get with it Midwest salon owners! (Adri-You can check this out because the product actually originated in Cali, you lucky girl!)

The mission,should you choose to accept, is to get Minx into Chicago salons. This can only be accomplished with your support!!!! Mention this amazing product to your manicurist or the manager of your favorite salon and watch the fabuolous trend (yes, I am aware it will be a trend and will not take the place of the actual polish manicure, but a good one at that) take root in the Midwest!