Original Post 3.4.2010

I am definitely not an American Idol person, but my germs and I were quarantined to the bedroom last night with no cable, so I flipped it on for a bit to see what all the hype is about. I was pleasantly surprised by the vocal abilities of the young ladies that I saw. What I wasn’t pleasantly surprised by was their fashion choices. The contestants were dressed HORRIBLY, aside from about 2 of them. I’ve never seen such a mess of terrible hair styles and mismatching colors and patterns in my WHOLE entire live. I have never seen such a large group of fashion challenged individuals in my life, and I have been in a pre school classroom! Could there possibly be an inverse relationship between singing ability and fashion sense? I know it’s about the vocals, but being a star is about style as well!

This is a pic from last week, and I see a dress belted that NEVER should have been worn with a belt. I see 2 spring trends, stripes and florals, mixed in the SAME outfit! The long necklace is out of place on the blue dress since it has a belt. The outfit with the floral tunic and jeans looks like something that should be worn to a high school music class.

The contestant above, who was obviously lurking in my grandmothers closet (no offense Granny Fraser, I know you’ve got more style than that!) before she took her press pic. She hit a ridiculously awesome note last night, but I was too busy staring at her outfit, which consisted of a satin, sweet heart neckline dress LAYERED OVER a blue, polka dot cotton tee. Yikessss!

And this young idol though that an appropriate choice of clothing to appear on national TV wearing was a long, rainbow, crochet vest? You’re kidding me?

Nothing like ripping on some teenagers in a singing competition to make my day brighter! Want to avoid the idol curse and be rocker chic? Try these styles:

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