Joanna Krupa’s latest Instagram photo shows that she isn’t just a model with some nice bling; she’s a charitable model with some nice bling that runs an animal rescue. And you can help support her cause, Angels for Animal Rescue, started by her and friend Gabby Gutierrez, by shopping. Yep, you heard me.

$5 from each sale of the bracelet below seen on Joanna Krupa will go to support Angels for Animal Rescue. After all, who can resist a cute puppy who needs a home? Or a bracelet that needs a jewelry box to sleep in?

Learn more about Angels for Animal Rescue here

Joanna Krupa’s Angel Wing Bracelet For Her Charity Angels For Animals RescueCharmed by Charlotte Bracelet

Angels for Animal Rescue Bracelet $28 Available Here

$5 from each bracelet will be donated to Joanna Krupa’s Charity, Angels for Animal Rescue

Hand made onyx rice bead stretch bracelet with rhinestone pewter angel wing heart and two jet black crystal pave beads

Also available for $18 without pave beads

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